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Glossary: Brutus Options Ranker Calculation

Last Updated: August 30, 2022

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Brutus Options Ranker Calculation

What Does Brutus Options Ranker Calculation Mean in Options Trading?

A Brutus Options Ranker Calculation is a generic term for one of the many calculations that can be performed by your Brutus Strategy when searching and ranking potential options trade.  A Ranker Calculation could be any of the following types:

  1. Spread-Level Criterion which is any calculation scoped to the combination of options contracts in the spread.  A criterion must be accompanied with an objective.  Depending on the calculation type, the objective could be to either minimize, maximize or target the criterion to a specific value.
  2. Underlying-Level Criterion, which is the same as a spread-level criterion except that it's scope is specific to the underlying security and not on the spread itself.
  3. Filter - Filters are used to exclude trades before ranking.  Some calculation only give a filter signal (true/false).  For example, The 200d Simple Moving Average Cross-Above will only signal true when the underlying prices opens below the 200d moving average and closes above the 200d Moving Average.

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