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Does the Brutus Options Ranker Really Offer a Free Plan?
Last Updated: June 18, 2022


Does the Brutus Options Ranker Really Offer a Free Plan?

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Can a comprehensive Options Trading Tool like the Brutus Options Ranker really be free – what’s the catch?

Yes, we call it Brutus Freemium!  And we hope you appreciate and recognize how different this actually is.

See, none of our competitors offer free access to their options screeners.  For the same reasons that we’re likely crazy to offer it for free:

  • Options trading data is expensive and you need a lot of it to create a comprehensive app.
  • Developing an app is really, really hard (and again, expensive).
  • Supply and demand apply, even in the options world.  There are few players who managed to make a tool and therefore can charge handsomely. In our opinion, even fewer developers have made good tools which further decreases supply.
  • Free trials make more business sense, even if customers hate them.  It’s human nature to forget to turn them off, we’ve done this as well. 

So You’re Telling Me That It’s Actually Free?

Yes.  It’s free.  You can create an account now and get unlimited access to one live Brutus Options Ranker strategy.  You can add your strategy to your account by any of the following methods:

  1.  A Follow Strategy, which are complete strategies ready to add to your account.  These are great for beginners.
  2. Strategy Template, which are strategies that include all criteria, but lacks your custom weightings. These are great for intermediate traders.
  3. Fully Customized Strategy can be built from scratch or by using a framework template to help keep you organized. These are great for intermediate to advanced traders looking for the ultimate customization freedom.
Should Be Noted

We reserve the right to remove the Freemium plan at any time in the future. However, we will honor all existing members currently on this plan. In addition to that, we promise to keep the free plan open during the beta program.

After a successful beta will be the first “pause point” where we will review the effectiveness of this plan. All to say, it’s best not to delay and secure your free access to the Brutus Options Ranker right away.

Does The Brutus Options Ranker Really Offer A Free Plan? &Ndash; Optionautomator
Should Be Noted

So How Does OptionAutomator Do It When No One Else Can?

To our competitors:  There’s no secrets here, we have the exact same constraints as you.

To our options traders:  Still no secrets; we have the same constraints as our competitors, but we have a very simple philosophy and it’s based on confidence.  We’re confident that the Brutus Options Ranker will transform your trading, finding you customized, optimized, and highly-relevant trades each and every day. We know that you will want to upgrade to a premium plan. If not, that’s cool, you can still use the tool as much as you like.

Will Brutus Freemium always be available?

No, it’s not sustainable to offer a free plan forever. While we will honor all existing Freemium Users, we will close the creation of new Freemium accounts during the “Beta Last Call” phase (see pricing page below for more details). With the release of the revamped software in Q2 2022, we will soon be entering this phase. We may keep Freemium registration open to key partners, but it will no longer be generally available.

Feel free to head to the pricing page to get full details on how additional features stack up against premium plans.

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