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Ranker Ticker Group: Takeover Targets
Last Updated: October 6, 2022


Takeover Targets

What is A Ticker Group?

Ticker groups are used in the Brutus Options Ranker in combination with the assign spread type to narrow down the creation and evaluation of options trading opportunities to those most relevant to you.  This knowledge-base article gives you a preview of the Ticker Group, but the full details can be viewed inside the app.

Ticker Group Warning

Specific ticker groups are updated daily based on market conditions.  The content on this page is updated periodically, and therefore should be considered stale.
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Brutus Ticker Group Description:

This dynamic market group lists all companies which are rumored or confirmed takeover targets. Generally, this Market Group will not have many tickers associated but can be used to identify interesting trading targets.

Included Tickers:


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This knowledge-base article is only a preview of this Ticker Group.  View more in the Brutus Options Ranker App.  No registration required.
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