Benefits of Options Ranking

How Ranking vs. Screening Saves You Time and Unlocks More Consistent Results
More Trades, More Often, More Consistency.
Whether you're a new or a seasoned options trader, you can save time and invest actionable results with more confidence using Brutus over conventional options screeners.
Instant screener access
Ranking Benefits

Brutus Options Ranker Features & Benefits

Life is a lot better when you're not stuck behind a screen scouring through options chains.

How it Works

Create, Follow, or Clone
Once an enabled strategy is in your your account, Brutus will scan of the options trading universe daily.
Ranking & Algos Run Daily
Your strategy runs decision making algos on hundreds thousands of potential trades each trading day.
Get Daily Ranked Results
You can check back on your daily results or receive them by email.
Ranking not Screening

Brutus Force-Ranks Trading Opportunities.

While Conventional Options Screeners Only Filter.
Conventional options and stock screeners don't save you any time.

Have you used a conventional options screener? You enter your criteria into a clunky form and hit scan only to be overloaded with options or receive no trades at all.

If you're lucky enough to get results then you need to sort multiple columns to make a decision on what to trade. The problem? The criteria you specified are inherently conflicting and the options are either too many or too few to take any action.

The Brutus Options Ranker is different. Set the criteria of your strategy once and Brutus' AI goes to work to balances the conflicting criteria.

Less emotions, less effort, less hassle. Instead, daily, personalized trade opportunities that match your options trading style.
Ranking AI - A Trade Opportunity's Rank Uses the Following Behind the Scene
140+ Advanced Measures Called Criteria
Maximize, Minimize, Target Objectives
Dimensionality reduction to compare criteria
Active Positions and Preference Filters
Historic context across measures and markets
Multi-Critieria Decisions Making Algorithms
OA Global filters to exclude unrealistic trades
User specified hard filters to exclude trades
Applied Ticker Group & Spread Type
Trader Preferences
Spread Context
Ticker Group Context
Options Ranking Not Just Options Screening
Learns Your Trading Style

Set Your Strategy's Criteria and Their Importance.

The Brutus Options Ranker Learns Your Trading Style.
You are unique. You have your own personal investment objectives, risk tolerance and time you can invest into managing your own portfolio.

With the The Brutus Options Ranker, Brutus intelligently considers and manages current market conditions against your trading objectives. This is Machine Learning and Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) technology brought to options trading.

MCDM is already used by some of the world's largest companies to make multi-billion dollar investment decisions.

With Brutus Options Ranker, conflicting objectives are balanced to deliver your daily results he believes are most relevant to you.
Automation Benefit

Enable the Law of Large Numbers in Options Trading.

Consistency and Automation is the Key.
Successful options traders know that you need to trade frequent, small positions in order to profit long-term in options trading. On the contrary, trading infrequent, oversized positions is a sure way to blow up an account.

So, how do you keep a healthy stream of options trades with conventional sources such as financial news and outdated, consumer-level tools?

The Brutus Options Ranker features the first always-on and automated options screener/ranker. Once your strategy is set, Brutus will serve your personalized daily optimized trades whether you visit the results or not.

Our mission with Brutus is to close the technology gap between Wall Street and Main Street. You deserve the same level tools as the hedge-funds and big banks.
Automation Key Benefits
Enable small, consistent positions without hours behind the screen
Optional email digest of Results to never miss a trading opportunity
Remove emotions from your trading.  Ranking is more consistent.
Skip scouring options chains, spreadsheets, and manual calculations.

Learn More About Our Ranking Technology

Ready to Start the Options Ranker?

Secure your lifetime, free account while the Brutus Options Ranker is in Beta phase (limited time).

The link below will bring you to the software without registration.  Later, you can secure your free account and save your strategy for daily ranking.
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