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Options trading seems like a lot of work. Can I really do this?


Let me share a personal story (from Drew our Co-Founder):

I’ve never been much of a sports fan (besides my college teams) and I found myself home for the holidays in 2008. My friends had the usual conversations about the latest games and their stats.  Feeling a bit bored, I tried to change the topic to what was happening in the financial world and the markets. I got a little airtime (considering it was a huge financial crisis) but finally a friend asked me, “How can you spend all day and night staring at numbers?” I drew a parallel between their recent fantasy draft and “staring at trading numbers”.  See, the numbers come alive when you’re interested in what they mean! TastyTrade did an excellent piece on how much time the U.S. spends on fantasy sports and why they need to start trading.

At the end of the day, to each their own. You can be interested in fantasy sports, blackjack, options trading, or all three. But for me, it is incredibly exciting to manage options positions. They are dynamic and can make you money!

OptionAutomator’s mission is to make the process much simpler with the Brutus Option Ranker. Yes, you’ll have to manage your trades. But, you will no longer need to sort through endless option chains looking for your next trade and you’ll know your trading consistently and mechanically (the key to option trading success).

Options trading seems like a lot of work. Can I really do this?

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