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Template: Onboarding Strategy Results Intro
Last Updated: September 1, 2022


Onboarding Strategy Results Intro

What are Templates in the Brutus Options Ranker?

Templates and Pre-made Strategies are available inside the options ranker to help speed the configuration of your strategy so you can start getting ranked, relevant trading opportunities as soon as possible.  This knowledge-base article gives you a preview of the Onboarding Strategy Results Intro premade strategy, but the full details can only be viewed inside the app.
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This strategy is used to give you a basic walk-through of the features in a standard strategy results. Go through the results of this strategy will give you a full walk-through of the features contained in your Brutus Options Ranker strategy results.

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This knowledge-base article is only a preview of the Onboarding Strategy Results Intro premade strategy.  View more in the Brutus Options Ranker App.  No registration required.
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