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How to Modify Your Trading Preferences

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Your Trading Preferences

Within The Brutus Options Ranker you can set your trading preferences, preferred markets, risk tolerance and the outcome you seek to achieve. You can access these features in Brutus through the ‘Settings’ menu, found in the lower corner of the left-hand panel.

Now, click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Trading Preferences’ from the popup menu.

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What Kind of Trader Are You?

You will be taken to the Trading Preference page where you can personalize your trading preferences, risk tolerance, markets you are looking to trade in, and what you are looking to accomplish through Brutus. Here you must begin by clicking on the “What kind of trader you are?” box.

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Risk Tolerance

In this box, you tell Brutus what your level of experience is with options trading. Choose from the selection provided in the pop-up box and click ‘Next.’

The next section addresses your tolerance for risk. Risk tolerance is an important measure when investing because it helps guide recommendations (suggestions) for trades that are in line with your level of comfort with investment risk; the possible loss of all of the capital you invest. Choose your preferable risk level by moving the slider toward either less risk (conservative approach) or more reward (aggressive approach). Then click ‘Next.’

How To Modify Your Trading Preferences &Ndash; Optionautomator

How Can Brutus Help You?

The section, “How Can Brutus Help You?” focuses on your trading preferences. These include: ‘follow proven trade strategies’, ‘personalize trade criteria weights’, and ’build my own custom strategies’.

Now, make a selection and click on ‘Next’ for the final pop-up screen. Starting out, you may want to stick with the proven strategies and customize more as you gain experience using Brutus.

How To Modify Your Trading Preferences &Ndash; Optionautomator

Finally, choose from one of six market types available for Brutus to focus on.

If you need additional assistance, there is a ‘help’ button in this pop-up. Once you have chosen your market, press ‘Done.’ Your trading preferences is now set up. Note that as you gain valuable experience using Brutus, you can make changes to your preferences at any time.

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