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Can OptionAutomator add support for creating order codes for my broker?
Last Updated: October 6, 2020


Can OptionAutomator add support for creating order codes for my broker?

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What’s the Current Status With the Brokerage Code Features?

We’re actively working broker code integrations for the most popular brokers. Broker code integrations will generate an order code which you can copy and then paste into the software platform your broker uses. Currently traders can generate broker codes for TDAmeritrade via the ThinkOrSwim platform.

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Current Broker Code Status

Currently broker codes can only be made for TDAmeritrade.  You can generate the broker code and copy and paste it into the ThinkOrSwim software.  This will save you substantial time and prevent errors associated with building up the trade via the option chains.

Can Optionautomator Add Support For Creating Order Codes For My Broker? &Ndash; Optionautomator
Should Be Noted

When Will Other Brokers Be Supported?

We are aiming to make this feature available to most users as soon as we develop relationships with brokerage houses and determine how to best integrate The Brutus Options Ranker. We aim to generate codes that will work consistently with various brokers’ software.

If you would like a specific broker supported, please let us know!

Please keep checking periodically for news on additional brokerage support that we will make available.

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