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Ranker Calc: Slope Percentile (1y)
Last Updated: May 11, 2020


Slope Percentile (1y)

How are Criteria used in the Brutus Ranker?

Criteria are used in the Brutus Options Ranker with an objective specific to your strategy's goal.  The objective can be to minimize, maximize, or target the criterion to a specific value.  The criterion's measure can also be used to filter trades out of your results.  This knowledge-base article gives you a preview of the Slope Percentile (1y) calculation details, but the full details can only be viewed inside the app.
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Ranker Calculation – Slope Percentile (1y)

The current slope compared to the high-low range from the past year. Slope is the best-fit straight line through the strike volatilities tangent to the 50-delta. It gives us an indication of the price of out of the money options vs. in-the-money. A high relative slope is ideal when selling OTM options and should be avoided when buying OTM and selling ITM.


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How to Use In Your Brutus Options Ranker Strategy

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This knowledge-base article is only a preview of the Slope Percentile (1y) criterion calculation.  View more in the Brutus Options Ranker App.  No registration required.
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